Patient Reviews of Doctors and AFC Urgent Care in Memphis, TN

AFC Urgent Care Doctor and Medical Staff Reviews

AFC Urgent Care February Testimonials

“The care was exceptional in every respect.”

“I was particularly pleased with the immediate attention Dr Jones gave me. She was patient and willing to hear all my concerns. I felt so special when I received a follow-up call following my office visit.”

“The entire experience was wonderful. The staff and facility were both very professional.”

“Great care and service. If I ever need medical assistance, I’ll definitely come to AFC Urgent Care first!”

“We are so glad to have you in St Andrews Shopping Center!”

“Overall everything was GRAND! The doctor and staff were great.”

“My care was great and I have told ALL my friends they should go to AFC Urgent Care.”

“I was very pleased with my care. I am so happy that you are located in “our neighborhood”.”

“I was extremely impressed by the courtesy, efficiency and pleasantness of the experience. I will surely come back again.”

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AFC Urgent Care March Testimonials

Had a great experience this evening at AFC Urgent Care, the staff was very helpful and very patient with answering all of our questions. We showed up to the office 30 minutes prior to them closing and they were not the least bit aggrevated. Very professional. Thanks so much!!
– Jimmy

I had a great experience at AFC Urgent Care this morning! New patient paperwork and all- in and out with diagnosis and meds in less than an hour! Thanks to the whole staff for being so efficient and friendly…that means alot when you aren’t feeling well. i will definitely recommend to my friends!
– Michelle

I would like to thank the wonderful staff at AFC Urgent Care. I visitied your facility for the first time about 2 weeks ago when my doctor could not get me in until the following day. It was a fantastic experience! In and out in about 45 minutes, new patient paper work and all! Still not feeling great, I went back yesterday. Thank goodness you guys are open on Saturday! Once again, a great experience. In and out in about 30 minutes! Everyone is so pleasant and friendly. I will definitely be recommending AFC Urgent Care to friends!
– Robin

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AFC Urgent Care April Testimonials

– I tell everyone about AFC Urgent Care…you all ROCK!! The care is awesome there…I would never take my son anywhere else….I am so thankful to have you all close!! It makes my life so much easier and the fact that you take our insurance and our co-pay is only $20.00 even makes it better…Thank you so much for giving us excellent care while visiting there!!

– I thought this place was great. The staff was very friendly and caring. Go AFC Urgent Care!!! Thanks again!

– Very Good Experience

Formerly AFC Doctors Express