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Get Your Physicals At AFC Urgent Care In Memphis

Get Your Physicals At AFC Urgent Care In Memphis

AFC Urgent Care in Memphis offers many of the most common physicals you or your child will need including:

  • Sports
  • Summer Camp
  • Back-to-School
  • Pre-Employment
  • DOT
  • INS

If you have a questions about physicals and paperwork from your business to your child’s school or summer camp organization, please contact us with your questions.


A physical examination, medical examination, or clinical examination is the process by which a doctor reviews the body of a patient for signs of disease. Doctors generally talk to the patient first to get his or her medical history, which is an account of all past symptoms, illnesses and procedures as experienced by the patient. Next, doctors typically perform a physical examination which is designed to clear or not clear the patient for a particular activity such as work or athletic activity or if the patient is having any perceived health issues, the doctor will produce a diagnosis and devise a treatment plan. This process then becomes part of the patient’s medical record. Physicals do not include diagnostic tests such as x-rays, lab work, or immunizations and/or vaccinations.

At AFC Urgent Care, we do many different types of physicals. Below is a partial list of physicals we perform. If you do not see the type of physical you need listed, there’s a good chance we do it so please call us at phone number at the top right hand side of this page to ask about the type of physical you need performed.

School Sports/Club & League Play/Summer Camp: These are physicals for children age 18 and under who are participating in a specific sport or other type of vigorous or strenuous activity.

Pre-Employment/Employment: These are physicals for people who must have a physical prior to employment or within a certain period of time after hire.

DOT: These are physicals mandated by the Department of Transportation in order for a person to maintain a current CDL (Commercial Driver’s License).

INS: These are physicals mandated by the Federal Government for any immigrant who must have a green card and is applying for U. S. citizenship.

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