Top Rated Urgent Care Doctors In Memphis, TN

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Top Rated Urgent Care Doctors In Memphis, TN

Urgent care clinics are crucial in the healthcare industry. They take a large load off the emergency room and treat more patients than a walk-in clinic can. Urgent care clinics are equipped with x-ray machines to perform diagnostics, and can also provide check-ups and physicals.

What should I go to urgent care for?

Urgent care centers are usually open evenings and weekends. You’ll find that you save time and money by going to urgent care instead of an emergency room in addition to offering on-site diagnostic tests. Urgent care may be the right choice for you if your condition isn’t life-threatening but needs to be taken care of right away. Urgent care can help you with conditions like:

  1. Accidents and falls
  2. Sprains and strains
  3. Moderate back problems
  4. Breathing difficulties (i.e. mild to moderate asthma)
  5. Diagnostic services, including X-rays and laboratory tests
  6. Fever or flu
  7. Vomiting, diarrhea, or dehydration
  8. Severe sore throat or cough
  9. Minor broken bones and fractures (i.e. fingers, toes)
  10. Skin rashes and infections

What is the difference between a walk-in clinic and urgent care?

Walk-in clinics may offer services like pregnancy tests, contraception, routine medical check-ups, and basic vaccinations. They are founded on convenience and serving basic needs and usually see patients on a first-come, first-serve basis. Usually, at a clinic of this nature, you will be served by a nurse practitioner who may or may not have a license to write a prescription. A physician may be on call to handle more expert needs but often isn’t on site.

Urgent care clinics offer a much higher level of care than walk-in clinics do. They serve a vital part of the healthcare chain between walk-ins and emergency rooms. At an urgent care facility, you can receive treatment for a broad variety of medical conditions, from serious cuts needing stitches and treatments for serious infections and illnesses, to setting and casting broken bones. Urgent care facilities are staffed by ER doctors or family practice doctors, so you will receive the same high quality of care you would get at your family doctor’s office.

In the end, for those patients not suffering life-threatening injuries who need healthcare immediately or outside the office hours of their primary care or family doctor, an urgent care clinic is probably the best bet. You will receive care from a doctor, can get treatment for a broad variety of medical needs from basic checkups to broken bones, and your local insurance will be more likely to be accepted.

What is better, urgent care or ER?

Because appointments are not necessary, many patients opt for urgent care clinics. If their regular family doctor is unavailable, some may stop in at an urgent care clinic. Urgent care is the best option for patients who require non-emergency medical attention.

Many emergency room visits are not actually emergencies at all and could be treated more quickly, efficiently, and for less money at urgent care centers. Urgent care centers like AFC Urgent Care are an economical and efficient alternative for non-emergency care that can save members both time and money.

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